Stylish and trendy while also nostalgic and oldschool — that’s how Diskette lounge feels. Newcomers will be impressed by the bar’s design: a true mini-museum that combines art-installations and long outdated technical gadgets in a very special nostalgic atmosphere. You can chat with the bartender at the bar counter made of tube TVs, count the VHS cassettes used for one of the installations (over 200!), hang out in vintage armchairs — and all of this lit with bright Miami neon Steve Carpenter style. Not only the entourage of the Diskette is creative — it is the whole atmosphere of creative freedom and aspiration for new knowledge that reigns here. That’s why this unique retro lounge will become a site for “The World of Knowledge” Geek quiz. Artificial Intelligence connoisseurs will take their places in Diskette’s vintage armchairs and clash in the true brain fight.

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