Special program of the festival is dedicated to the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements of D.I. Mendeleev. That will be a real gift for all participants and guests to take a course of lectures at the Big Chemical Auditorium of St. Petersburg State University! The construction of this building was initiated in 1894 by D.I. Mendeleev. The oldest version of the Periodic system in the world is located as well here. It is interesting that the modern version of it, the interactive Table, can also be seen here in the the longest university corridor. It will be a real Mendeleev’s Day!

USSR , 1969, 20 minutes / Director: N. Polonskaya

The film tells about the making of the Mendeleev’s periodic table on the distribution of elements on Earth.

USSR, 1972, 27 minutes / Director: N. Afanasieva

The film tells about the properties of water, the processes taking place in aqueous solutions, the quality of natural waters, the use of their human problems of water purification.

USSR, 1983, 14 minutes / Director: A. Ratsimor

The film tells about one of the most interesting elements of the periodic table – helium, its unusual properties, application and use.

Russia, 1993, 10 minutes / Director: E. Pokrovsky

Popular Science pic about fluorine and its composition, properties and application.

Russia, 1994, 10 minutes / Director: E. Pokrovsky

Film tells about phosphorus as a chemical element and its role in the existence of living matter.

Russia, 1996, 10 minutes / Director: E. Pokrovsky

Meet the gold – chemical element of Mendeleev’s periodic table.

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