Golden Genes, 2016, 90 min, Austria

Golden Genes, 2016, 90 min, Austria

29 Сен / 2017

Directors: Ursula Hansbauer, Wolfgang Konrad, Clemens Stachel

The frozen, bodiless genes of millions of plants, animals and humans are stored in biobanks around the world. They rekindle dreams of old: re–creating extinct species, ending world hunger, human life without illness or disease. But biobanks do more than that. They pose a fundamental question to our contemporary beliefs: What does it mean to be part of nature in the age of the genome? Saving the DNA of all life on Earth will be one of the greatest international research projects of coming decades. Golden Genes — part nature film, part political documentary — demonstrates the extent to which biodiversity research is not only challenging human society but also our very conception of humankind.

19 Oct

starts at 20:00


Saint Petersburg, nab. Kryukova canala, 12

entrance is free by registration