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The most difficult art - the art of driving.

Welcome both St. Petersburg residents and visitors to our wonderful city at the 10th edition of The World of Knowledge international film festival.
As it was in previous years, the festival will feature most significant works created both in Russia and abroad which seek to promote modern science and technology. Since the time it was founded, The World of Knowledge has covered a broad range of topics, presenting a variety of genres and most daring technological solutions.

The necessity of open and free communication between scientists and society has become obvious today. And the reason for that is not just the urgent need to encourage young people to practice science, but also the need to establish a dialogue in order to determine the role of science in our daily life and its relation with culture, education and, the last but not the least, religion. Broad public consensus is necessary to build the knowledge economy of the future, thus strengthening RussiaпїЅs position as one of the world leaders.

Promoting science and technology in general and, in particular, the achievements of Russian science becomes increasingly important with further development of high-tech industries and advent of new breakthrough interdisciplinary projects. Following classic educational projects like Recreational Science by Yakov Perelman orBelieve It or Not by Sergey Kapitsa and using the latest communication and visualization methods, we could be able to solve most urgent task of providing highly qualified professionals for key industries within Russia.

It is vitally important to organize, both within the week-long festival programme and in the form of broader special «echo screenings», active discussions of the films, which would involve school and university communities as well as research teams of the city and the entire North West region. The more young researchers from leading universities take part in such discussions, the more powerful motivating result these popular science films will have.
ITMO University will continue to support the popular science film festival as part of its World of Science project, as well as any other media activities combining arts and science and seeking to evoke a genuine interest in exploring the surrounding world.

V.N.Vasilev, President of the Festival, Rector of ITMO University