The festival is hosted by Gorky Film Studio with the support of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and Government Of St. Petersburg.

Program: International Competition and special programs.

Popular science and educational films produced in 2018-2019 are accepted for the International Competition.

Special Programs

The Festival Committee forms the special programs (retrospective screenings, workshops, discussions, exhibitions, etc.) in advance.

Prizes of the International Competition. 

The prizes of the film festival are awarded at the closing ceremony of the Film Festival on the basis of the Jury protocol.

Grand Prix of the festival named after Sergey Kapitsa;

Best Director Award;

Best Camerawork Award;

Best Debut Award;

Special Jury Prize.

Additionally there are diplomas of the Festival Committee and prizes of partners.

Transportation, return and insurance

The Festival Committee accepts the film copy and the filled in application form for submitted films.

The film copy sent to the Festival Committee will be kept in the festival archive.

The representative of a film undertakes all transportation and insurance expenses of a film copy.

Participation Rules

The deadline for the film submission is announced on official website

Festival Committee requires the following:

1. Application Form
The entry form is available on a website.

2. Film Copy

Film copy can be uploaded via file hosting service. Alternatively, the film copy can be sent by post accompanied with the signed application form.

The film copy is eligible for the competition if it satisfies the following requirements:

  • Year of release: 2018-2019; 
  • Technical requirements for selected films:

Video format: MPEG-2 Program Stream (*.m2p, *.mpg): Main Profile, Main Level (MP@ML); TV quality — PAL, SD, Interlacing — Bottom Field First; Bitrate (stream): VBR 4Mbps — 8Mbps.

Blu-Ray: — mpeg2 (25-35mbps CBR/VBR), h264 (19-25mpbs CBR/VBR), format profile high@4.1, frame 1920x1080px, aspect: 16:9, scan: interlaced (top/upper field first), audio AC-3, stereo, bitrate 384kbps or higher, freq. 48kHz.

  • Language: Russian; Other.

If the original language of a film is not Russian the representative has to provide subtitles in English or Russian. If there are no subtitles in English or Russian the representative has to provide a subtitle cue sheet in English or Russian (text files of *.txt, *.doc, *.docx or *.odt formats).

  • Instructions for the subtitle cue sheet:
Figure 1_time code of the subtitle appear (hours; minutes; seconds; frames)_time code of the subtitle disappear (hours; minutes; seconds; frames)_the subtitle WITHOUT inverted commas.


1 00; 05; 37; 08 00; 05; 41; 01 Translated text

Subtitling will be completed by the festival team.

3. Representatives of the selected films are obliged to provide the following:

  •  3 (three) or more stills from the film, in .jpeg format The director’s photo, in .jpeg format The filmography of the director A brief synopsis of the film; A film which satisfies the items of the Technical requirements for selected films (see below).

The list of selected films will be published on official website

Representatives of the selected films will receive invitations to take part in the festival by e-mail mentioned in the application form.

The Festival Committee will provide accommodation and transport expenses of only one representative of a film.

The address of the Festival Committee and contacts:

8, S. Eisenstein st., Moscow, 129226, Russia, Gorky Film StudioTelephone: +7 (499) 181-04-34 E-mail: